Tim’s vision is to build the most professional, competent, efficient and effective organization possible for the citizens of St. Francois County.


Tim will ensure the protection of your constitutional rights, as guaranteed by our forefathers, with an emphasis on the Second Amendment. Tim believes in your God given right to both own and carry firearms. 


Tim will increase department wide training through incorporation of current technology and classes aiming to reduce overall liability. Tim will utilize training for all Deputies, including Corrections, Patrol, Investigations and all other branches of the Sheriff’s Department. Tim will locate the best available training, whether it be local or abroad.


Tim wants to streamline manpower to increase the effective presence of Deputies on patrol. It is Tim’s belief that designated zone coverage accompanied by other techniques will assist in accomplishing this goal.


Tim wants to deliver the highest quality leadership and service for the citizens of St. Francois County. Tim will utilize enhanced hiring techniques, training, Deputy development and employee accountability. Tim will set in place Policy and Procedures which will assist in the accountability and transparency of his department.


Tim understands the importance of working alongside members of this great community, including groups, organizations and individual citizens alike, to form the correct relationships to accomplish his goals. Tim will strive to continue the amazing “Shop With a Cop” program in St. Francois County which gives so much hope to the children of OUR community. He also wants to work alongside mental health and addiction counselors to establish assistance for any citizen or inmate in St. Francois County who may be seeking help. Further, Tim wishes to continue Parent Education within the local school districts to help educate parents on the dangers children face in today’s society.



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