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Moving Forward


“With this comprehensive platform, I am confident that together, we can create a safer, stronger, and more unified St. Francois County,” Harris said.  “It's time to shape a future where our law enforcement agency stands as a beacon of professionalism, our constitutional rights are safeguarded, our communities are served with excellence, and our bonds with the community are fortified through genuine partnership." 

I will create policy and procedure for corrections and ensure that all leadership of the Sheriff's Department work together to advance the agency.  We will properly train staff to safeguard the facility, staff and inmates. I want to create new detention officer positions and fully staff all shifts to ensure all procedures are followed. Additionally, I will utilize contacts with the United States Marshal Service to explore the possibility of housing federal inmates. This will assist in offsetting the cost of day to day operations of the detention center.


Over the past 2 years the Sheriffs Department has sent more deputies to training than ever before. Training that is vital to the safety of our citizens and to combat crime. I want to continue training our men and women so they are prepared to meet any situation. I am a firearms instructor and a Close  Quarter Combat(CQB) instructor. Using these certifications has and will continue to save tax payer dollars.

Crime Rate

We can all see that the crime rate nationally is up. That is mainly due to jail and bail reform. So while we know that our calls for service have increased, so have our arrests. I want to continue to provide our citizens with the top patrol deputies and detectives to insure, if they become a victim of a crime, their crime will be thoroughly investigated and likely solved.  

Substance  Abuse

St. Francois county has a drug problem. Not just meth, but heroin, fentanyl and other opiates. I will combat this through proactive policing, investigations and finally counseling. I want to offer offenders the option to receive drug counseling while in custody.  

Direction of  Department

Since taking the patrol sergeant position I have chosen to lead from the front. If I am in the front I know which direction we are moving; forward! I want to grow this department by adding to each division, obtain the best equipment possible and strive for excellence. I refuse to stay stagnant. 

Calls  for Service

Our calls for service have increased dramatically over the past 24 years. Calls are estimated to break 2000 per month before the end of 2023. As patrol sergeant I have made it my mission to ensure that each of those calls are handled in a timely manner and that if a report is generated it is completed professionally. I will ensure that my Deputies remain ready to answer all calls, no matter the volume. That may include adding additional deputies and equipment to patrol.  


I will create common sense policies. Policies that not only protect the county and my office, but my employees as well.  

Conduct of Deputies 

In law enforcement we are held to a higher standard. When we put the badge on our chest we agree to maintain a level of professionalism higher than most. I will hold my employees to that standard and accept nothing less. Over the past 2 years I have lead my men and women to reach that higher standard and will continue to strive for excellence.  


I believe public information one key to the success of any law enforcement agency. By being open and honest with our citizens I believe we will bridge gaps in understanding and create trust where we may have lost it. I want to staff a public information officer to assist informing our citizens of the day to day information coming out of my office. 

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